The gambling industry has brought to the world a lot of different things like entertainment, and hope to those who have lost almost everything. Among the things gambling brought are money for the government and career opportunities to the unemployed.

Even if gambling is seen as something so evil, it is undeniable that gambling has brought all those that were mentioned above.

Since the legalization of gambling, casinos and gambling operators have given back to nations and cities in form of charity works, and of course, taxes. In some places, even, the gambling industry is considered to be one of the major contributors to their national revenue.

But the taxes and the charity works are not the only benefits of gambling.

When you put up a gambling house, you will need the services of architects, engineers, and carpenters. Once the construction is finished, you will then need to hire employees to serve gambling clients. You will need dealers, receptionists, and security personnel among many others. Thus, more gambling houses mean more career opportunities.

Now, another form of gambling has come to our world, and that is internet gambling . The laws regarding internet gambling are not that clearly laid out, even up to now. There are even places where online gambling is still illegal.

If gambling brings in taxes and jobs, then you may think that there should not be anymore question on whether to legalize internet gambling or not. It seems logical to legalize internet gambling, after all, more gambling equals more money for everyone, right?

I am afraid that it is not that always simple. Many employees from gambling houses are afraid of losing their jobs once internet gambling prevails. This is because computer programs will take their place as dealers, receptionists among others. Human labor has little room in the world of internet gambling.

That is why there is a great cry coming from gambling industry’s employees not to legalize internet gambling. You could not blame them, because it is highly probable these employees will lose their primary source of income once internet gambling dominates the field.

What the authorities need to do is to come up with laws that would benefit all parties involved – the gambling operators and the employees. They have to come up with something that is fair to everyone. It would be a hard thing to do, but they are left with no other choice, unless they want to put people on the streets.