Users who play poker regularly will know, and those who are just starting is a good way to find out, that the game of poker, being a game of cunning, strategy and skill rather than chance, involves following certain golden rules that they position it as also a self-control game. Following them leads to success, while disobeying them will make us easy prey for sharks at the tables.

The Gold Rules of poker are followed literally by those who play professional poker, as years of studies, crossed strategies and different statistics have led to formulating these rules. To concentrate on being a good player, increasing the chances of success and getting good profits, it is better to follow these golden rules of poker.

Gold rules.

When you have a good hand, bet. When you do not have it, retire. Play with the cards you have and not with the cards that will come, as these usually do not come and to overcome a bad hand of entry is almost impossible.

Do not be stingy. As a general rule, when betting on the pre-flop, you should go with 20 to 30 times more than the minimum of the table. This implies that at a table of 5 euros minimum, the user should start betting between 100 and 150 euros entry.

If you have a good hand, have the other players pay to see it. A good hand implies at least the following: A10, AA, KK, KA, KQ, QQ or AJ at least. If not, remove immediately.

Do not think you can beat a player more experienced than you. The possibilities of getting some money exist, but the chances of losing money are much greater.

Not by changing game styles the player will improve their strategies. Once that style has been found that best suits the player, you should stay with it and study it thoroughly. Once this is done, and your performance is substantially improved, you can start playing at tables with other poker styles.