The custom of tipping prevails in casinos, much as it does in many other businesses providing a service, but under far less rigid standards than in most.

It is not mandatory to tip anyone. It is rather fundamental courtesy, however, to tip the cocktail waitress when she serves you.

Whether to tip the dealers is an optional matter, but most people usually do so. Inexperienced players often do not tip. For obvious reasons, many players tend to tip more freely when winning than when losing.

Some others take the hard-nosed attitude that, ‘That dealer doesn’t tip me when I lose. So why should I tip him when I win?’

Try this simple suggestion: some players have a custom of tipping the dealer of they play a fairly sustained session and are dealt a reasonably satisfactory game. Whether you win or lose, the vigor and promptness of countertactics and the degree of general courtesy of the casino all have some influence on one’s generosity.

In and around Las Vegas, it as been customary, in tipping a dealer, to drop the chip into his shirt instead of merely handing it to him.

Casinos are sensitive about dealers reaching into their pockets or putting anything there themselves. For reasons of anatomy and decorum, however, the recent advent of girl dealers in Las Vegas area is rendering that custom quaint. Just hand her the tip.

Some players, when they tip, instead of simply giving the dealer a chip directly, they often make abet for him on a hand— in addition to making their own larger bet. They choose a time when the deck is favorable, thus increasing the chance of winning and of doubling the tip.

In betting a potential tip for the dealer, the sum should be placed separately in front of your own bet. Then, if the hand wins, the two bets are paid separately, and you should hand the dealer his chips or drop them into his shirt pocket.

Even if you are playing only $5 or $25 chips, you usually will soon have some smaller chips in your stack that you may want to use for tipping. These result from the odd-figure payoffs for blackjack and from change received on losing insurance bets.

Also, of course, the dealer will give you a change if you want it.

All dealer’s tips are pooled and shared equally by those on the shift. Tips account for a substantial portion of the dealer’s incomes.